Pergola Awning

Sloping Pergola

Rain water flowing over the system in rainy weather is discharged from the beams to the ground with the help of a hidden gutter channel so that it does not obstruct your view. In addition, you can turn your awning into a winter garden by closing it with automatic curtains or moving glass systems, and you can obtain a completely insulated space.

Curved Pergola

The aluminum extrusion rail profile, which contains the wheel mechanism that allows the fabric to move, offers an aesthetic, architectural and complementary look to your space by bending it to an appropriate extent without yet being heat-treated. With the rail awning system, which has high strength values ​​due to the obtained curve, longer and wider spaces can be closed and you can have a higher and more spacious interior.

Hanging Pergola

 This model, which offers you a panoramic perspective without ground connection is possible or obstructing your field of vision, adds an aesthetic and architectural value to your outdoor living space by fixing it with the help of specially designed anchorage modules to the carrier rail profile. If you wish, rainwater can be drained from the end without disturbing the clarity of your view by using an integrated water gutter system and galvanized chains. Thanks to its hanging system, it is an illuminated awning model that does not have a direct connection to the front.

Shading System